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You can make a difference...

Could you give a $52 gift today to help provide

hope to homeless youth during this season?

Merriam Webster defines Outreach as the following:

- the extending of services or assistance beyond current or usual limits

- the act of reaching out

During this season, you can be part of our team as we work hard at reinventing what it means to walk with youth and provide hope! Case managers are going to extra ordinary measures each day to reach out to the youth served by our programs and continue to live out the mission of providing hope to homeless youth! Keep reading below for some great inspiration and action steps...



On Monday, after we made the decision to close the program center for the week due to COVID-19, there were 4 youth scheduled to start working at Keys to Work via a partnership with Pourhouse. Case Manager Devin and Anthony Dumas, Director of In-House Programs, decided that we had to keep the promise we had made to get them there for their first day. The young men were at Outreach happily and eagerly waiting on Monday morning and Devin transported them to Keys to Work with precautions - maintaining distance and sanitation. The guys received bus passes and will begin their first full day today!


Could you give a $52 gift today to help provide

hope to homeless youth during this season?


Just yesterday, ARCH case manager, Lydia had been texting with a youth that had been displaced from two different housing situations in the last week. All of her clothing and her laptop had been left during one of the times she was kicked out. Lydia had the ability to pick up her personal items and deliver them to her new living situation without interacting with anyone. She met a huge need for this youth, but was able to do it within the social distancing parameters that are currently in place during this pandemic.


You can make a huge difference during this season! Outreach case managers are doing everything possible in the current climate to reach out to homeless youth and provide hope. The youth need encouragement, guidance and case managers that are available via social media messaging, texting, phone calls and tasks that provide for their needs. You can provide hope to the youth today through a $52 gift to Outreach!


Here's how you can help during this season with Outreach:

Give - give a $52 to help provide hope to homeless youth today! Your gift of $52 provides for the basic needs of the youth and dedicated online time with a case manager during this season. Your gift will empower Outreach staff as we continue to work and be creative in serving the youth of Outreach.

Pray - pray for the youth and for those affected by COVID-19. Pray for our staff who are working hard to reinvent how we help the youth during this pandemic. Pray for wisdom about our next steps.

Watch - keep checking our social media for any immediate needs that we need your help providing for the youth!

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