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Walking Alongside Jabrayla

By walking for Outreach during this year’s Walking for Dreams event, you will be walking alongside young adults like Jabrayla, who at the age of five, was removed from her mother’s custody and placed in foster care. For the next thirteen years, she led a transitory existence, bouncing back and forth between different foster homes and relatives. For a brief period, she enjoyed the safety of a loving foster family she wanted to stay with. But, at the age of ten, Jabrayla was placed with her father instead. This soon became an unsafe living situation, and she went back into the system until she turned eighteen.

Faced with limited options after aging out, Jabrayla found herself living on the streets. She felt "unwanted, alone, with no direction and just trying to survive."

Discovering Outreach changed everything. For the first time in a long time, Jabrayla was being supported and encouraged by people who genuinely cared about her. Outreach helped her create stability and heal from the wounds of her past.

Now, Jabrayla is off the streets and lives in her own apartment—her first permanent home since she was a small girl, clutching her few belongings as she moved from place to place. This newfound stability has transformed Jabrayla’s life, allowing her to blossom into her true self. At Outreach, we see her becoming more outgoing, talkative, and happy. She now has confidence in who she is and what she wants to achieve. This includes sharing her story with others who have a similar background, so she can help support them in their own journey to stability.

When you walk with Outreach, you are walking with Jabrayla, and reminding her that she can dream of a better tomorrow, so she can continue to experience stability and life transformation. Register for Walking for Dreams today!

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