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Volunteer Spotlight: Jim

Jim's role at Outreach helps staff track the services and resources provided to youth. Learn about what motivates Jim to keep showing up for youth at Outreach.

How would you describe Outreach to someone new? 

An open table for all who walk in providing material and spiritual needs with love and kindness.

Why do you volunteer to serve homeless youth at Outreach?

So many youth in our city need a safe place to come to. I like to talk to each and every one and make a positive relationship.

What inspires you to stay involved with us?

The very unselfish attitude among staff and volunteers is a constant example of Christ-like behavior.

What is a memorable moment from your time volunteering at Outreach?

So many over the years, but I love to see someone who has aged out come back and volunteer.

What is something you learned while volunteering with us that has helped you in your life?

From the unfortunate circumstances I see some youth living in, over many years, I have learned not to take it home with me and let it affect other areas of my life.

What values and/or lessons would you pass along to someone interested in volunteering at Outreach? 

The more time you spend being with and caring for others, the less time you spend dwelling on yourself.

What surprised you the most about volunteering with us? 

The growth in the services provided and the great leadership from the staff.

When you're not volunteering, what are some of your hobbies or commitments?

Child Advocates, Stephen Ministry Leadership Team, and two book clubs.

To get involved, check out our individual and group volunteer opportunities!


Megan Rhea is the Volunteer Manager at Outreach.

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