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Unexpected Blessings

How Jamie and Kim Found Hope


Friends and Family!

Jamie and Kim were excited about attending a concert at a local church. They arrived, settled in, and prepared to enjoy the musical talents of a Christian artist. During the concert, there was an opportunity to explore some local ministry partners doing kingdom work in Indianapolis. Outreach was one of them, and Jamie and Kim were curious to learn more. They realized later that the Lord used the concert to introduce them to Outreach where they would develop a deep friendship with two young adults who were experiencing homelessness.

Jamie and Kim discovered that Outreach serves youth and young adults (ages 14-24) experiencing homelessness and provides a safe place to “hang out,” make friends, engage in positive activities, receive practical help such as meals, do laundry, take showers, receive bus tokens, and more. They learned that building relationships that demonstrate faithfulness, grace, accountability, and Christ’s love is Outreach’s central strategy, and that Youth and Young Adult Coaches (YYAC) and caring adult volunteers play an essential role in executing this strategy.

Jamie and Kim jumped in and began volunteering. It was a new experience for them and not without its challenges, but they confidently joined the Outreach family in hopes of spending time with the youth.

Eventually, they were partnered with a young couple who had a few children and were expecting. Tyrone* and Sierra* were the young couple that Jamie and Kim befriended. Kim spent time getting to know Sierra as they traveled to prenatal appointments, food pantries, and other community service providers. Jamie hung out with Tyrone and not only became a friend but a trusted mentor. Both Kim and Jamie mentored and walked alongside this sweet couple.

In their young lives, Tyrone and Sierra had been through so much. Sierra was a survivor of human trafficking and had experienced a great deal of trauma. Tyrone too had experienced many challenges along the way, and having Jamie and Kim in their lives was such a blessing. Jamie and Kim, along with their children, were blessed as well from this relationship. It was a time of growth for all. Jamie and Kim were stretched beyond their comfort zone, and Tyrone and Sierra matured and gained a better understanding of parenthood and what a healthy family unit should look like.

Jamie and Kim reflected on their friendship and journey with Tyrone and Sierra and recognized how the Lord used this experience to grow them and their children in ways they could not have imagined. They began their journey as volunteers, became Hope partners, and champion Outreach in their circles of influence.

Jamie and Kim never imagined that their concert attendance would be so impactful. They are forever grateful for their time with Sierra, Tyrone, and their children, and they hope that their journey inspires others to invest in the lives of the youth and young adults at Outreach!

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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