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Third Annual Shoe Drive Celebration at Outreach

For the third year in a row, Outreach welcomed The Globl Culture (TGC) into our Program Center to host a shoe drive celebration for homeless youth across the city of Indianapolis.


In its third year, TGC went out to the community to collect high-quality footwear for youth served at Outreach and many other high school students considered homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act.

TGC invited speakers in from the community to connect with youth on educational and workforce opportunities.

At Outreach, TGC created the atmosphere of a retail shoe store in our multifunction room and provided music and food in the drop-in center.

TGC exists to provide dignity, purpose, and respect to the community and those who occupy it. Their tagline - Uniting Culture Through the Arts with Humanitarianism - was showcased during the event as they invited youth to create a collaborative art piece.

In total, TGC collected and donated 555 pairs of shoes and other footwear to Outreach, which was an increase of nearly 300 shoes from the year prior. 350 pairs of shoes this year were donated by Adidas of Indianapolis.

Thank you to our friends at TGC and their partners, Adidas of Indianapolis, Topview0, Novelty Growth, Plug LLC for hosting this event and engaging with our youth throughout!


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