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The Glick Foundation Helps Make Education Possible for Our Youth & Young Adults!

As in almost every facet of life this year, the young people Outreach serves have had their worlds deeply impacted by the events of this year. The ARCH program is a partnership between Outreach and local public schools that works with teenage students who are homeless to help them achieve their goals, both for graduation and beyond that celebratory day.

This year, graduation was upended for students across the country as most seniors had to move online to finish school. This decision was particularly hard on seniors who were homeless. For most of the seniors that we work with, graduating from high school is a larger challenge due to housing instability, lack of adult support, difficulties with transportation, etc. When the need for stable internet connections was added to all of those challenges, graduation moved almost out of reach.

The photo above was taken prior to COVID-19.

With the help of the Glick Foundation's funding, our team of youth coaches was able to step in and help students get new laptops if needed, find access points to the internet, provide transportation to them when bus lines shut down, and many other methods of filling the gaps. With this extra intervention, we still saw 28 young men and women overcome these obstacles and finish their diplomas on time.

It is partners like the Glick Foundation who step in and make these life changes possible for these amazing young men and women each year. We are able to be the hands and feet for these students because of the amazing support behind Outreach.

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