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Outreach's Partnership with Second Helpings Infographic

In 2019, Second Helpings provided Outreach with 9,203 meals or 7,306 pounds of food - which is about the weight of a young hippopotamus!


Outreach has partnered with Second Helpings to provide youth warm meals since we opened our Program Center in 2017. But Second Helpings has been around since 1998 supporting up to 95 different organizations throughout Central Indiana through the power of food.

Take a look at the following infographic to learn more about what goes into providing meals and sandwiches to the youth served at Outreach!

Rob Peoni, Communications and Marketing Manager at Second Helpings, says they're proud to send meals to Outreach. "As an organization focused on homeless youth, we know meals that we provide meets a basic biological need. More than that, we hope our meals meet the emotional and spiritual needs that come with sharing a meal. We hope the meal times at Outreach open doors into the lives of the youth served."

Food scarcity and insecurity are common obstacles faced by many of the youth we serve. According to Peoni, nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers face food insecurity. Despite this, Americans waste food at a rate that amounts to one pound per every man, woman, and child. "If food waste were a country, it would be number three behind China and the United States in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases it releases into the atmosphere." Second Helpings is committed to combating food waste and utilizes each of their resources to their best potential.

We are extremely grateful to the work performed by Second Helpings throughout Central Indiana, and we are very proud of the partnership we have to provide meals and sandwiches to homeless youth in our city.


Join Second Helpings in providing meals and other basic needs to our youth by donating today!

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