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Outreach's Journey to HOPE - Remembering & Honoring Jason

Last Friday, November 25th marked one year since our beloved CEO, Jason Chenoweth passed away.

Jason had a huge impact on all our staff, youth, young adults, and our Outreach community. While we have been grieving his loss , our team has continued to carry his legacy on through our values and how we lead each day. By doing this, we've still been able to hold onto hope.

In honor of Jason, some of our staff participated in this video to reflect on his memory and shed light in the midst of the darkness we've all experienced. Each individual shares their own outlook on how this past year has been and how we are continuing to carry Jason forward with us. While we've continued to mourn his loss, we still had hope to hold onto, so we could walk alongside our youth & young adults.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support as Outreach has been on their own Journey to HOPE this past year.

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