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New Staff Highlight: Isabelle

We have welcomed a lot of new faces to our staff this year, and we are so excited to have more people to come alongside our youth & young adults in their Journeys to HOPE! Isabelle, one of our new Youth & Young Adult Coaches joined our team back in October. Hear from Isabelle about why she wanted to come to Outreach and what she's excited for working alongside our youth & young adults:

"I have always had a desire to grow in my understanding of the experience of homelessness as the causes, risks, impacts, and individuals enduring this social issue are widely misunderstood by society. Through my previous learning experiences, my passion for people facing homelessness has only continued to grow, which drove me to join the Outreach team. It is evident that this team deeply cares for people and wants them to not only feel loved, but seen, not as their circumstances, but as the individuals they are who need someone who believes in them to walk alongside them in these circumstances. As a coach, I really look forward to supporting, empowering, celebrating with, and learning from the youth and young adults as they pursue their goals." - Isabelle Soto, Youth & Young Adult Coach

Join us in welcoming Isabelle to the team! We are so excited that Isabelle joined our team to be part of our youth & young adults' journeys to HOPE! Today, you can be part of the journey by giving a gift towards our year-end campaign goal of raising $325,000. We have a $100,000 match, so your gift will have double the impact! Visit our website to make a gift today.

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