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Nate's Journey to HOPE

At the age of 13, Nate was a ward of the state and experiencing homelessness – he only had himself to depend on. During the next five years, he stayed on the streets, friends’ houses, and occasionally stayed with his mom. Those five years were years of instability and led Nate to a path that wasn't safe or healthy.

He had heard of Outreach over the years, but he procrastinated coming as he wanted to keep on his current path. When he was 18, he found himself at Outreach for the first time and he continued to come back to get himself on the path he knew he wanted to walk in. Nate connected with other young adults and saw them getting apartments and employment opportunities, and this helped him build up his own confidence to start taking the steps he needed for him to reach stability and transformation. Through this, others started noticing his value and potential, and he started to see that for himself as well. Having others lift him up and encourage him is what led him to walking in a path to HOPE.

Nate, who is now 25, expressed how the positive atmosphere of Outreach and the support he received from staff allowed him to get out of a negative mindset and work towards his goals. He continues to look forward with a positive mindset, and earlier this month, on November 3rd, he got the keys to his apartment and has moved in there. When asked what motivates him to keep moving forward, Nate said “I had a dream about what my life could be, and I saw that as a sign from God, and I continue to look forward rather than back”.

Even before Nate came to Outreach, he was on his Journey to HOPE! With the support of Outreach and the community he found here, he has reached stability and life transformation. There are so many more youth & young adults that need Outreach to come alongside them, and with your help, we know we can be part of their journeys to HOPE! Today, give a financial gift towards our goal of raising $325,000 during our year-end campaign. Thanks to our generous donor community, we have a $100,000 match, so your gift will have double the impact. We are so grateful to have you walk with our youth and young adults on their journeys to HOPE!

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