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Mel's Journey to HOPE

Mel first came to Outreach in August of this year, and during her first time at our Program Center, she knew the environment was exactly where she needed to be during this part of her journey. She was met with love, hope, and compassion, and our team continued to show up for her in the ways that she needed as she walked in a path towards hope. Watch the video & hear how from Mel about how our team came alongside her in her Journey to HOPE!

Today, you can be part of Mel's and so many more youth and young adults' Journeys to HOPE by giving a financial gift towards our goal of raising $325,000. Thanks to our generous donor community, we have a $100,000 match, so your gift will provide double the HOPE. We have raised 82% of our goal, and your gift can push us one step closer to reaching it. Visit our website to give a gift today!

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