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It’s a Family Affair


David Leazenby family

Outreach celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, a significant milestone notable for the large number of lives that have been touched by the ministry during this time. During the past quarter century, the Lord has provided more than Outreach could have asked or imagined. For sure, the success of the ministry could not have occurred without the incredible board members that the Lord has provided. One of these committed leaders who has played a key role is David Leazenby.

David works tirelessly to support Outreach in many ways. For example, his leadership and support of the ministry during a significant organizational transition proved critical. His commitment during this period of change to persevere and rely upon the Lord guided Outreach into the next season of ministry.

David’s commitment to Outreach has not been limited to his role as a Board member. In fact, David has involved his whole family and business in coming alongside the young people served by Outreach. David’s wife Erica, daughter Ava, and son Zach remain an important part of the Outreach team. Whether it’s serving at holiday meals, hosting a small gathering at their home to share about Outreach’s mission or the kids placing bags on their neighbors’ front porches to collect donations for the youth and young adults, the Leazenbys are all in! Additionally, David’s company is invested in the mission. Employees of Onyx+East have decorated the program center for Christmas, and recently the company was one of the sponsors at the Walking for Dreams event, Outreach’s first post COVID fundraising event.

Outreach is beyond blessed to have board members like David who care so deeply about the youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in our city.

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