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Importance of Having a Mailing Address

How often have you had to worry about not having a mailing address to use for important documents and applications?

Not having a mailing address is one of the barriers our young adults face when they come to Outreach. Thankfully, Outreach can step in and serve as their mailing address for them to receive essential documents and for our young adults to work through housing and employment applications. It's so crucial for our youth & young adults to have an address, so they can take the steps they need on their journey to HOPE.

Sometimes, the mail doesn't always get to Outreach each week, and the above pictures is what a week’s worth of youth & young adult mail can look like. We are so grateful for the work of our staff organizing the mail as well as the blessing it is that Outreach can serve as a mailing address for our young people on their journeys to HOPE!

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