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For Cathy, volunteering is 2nd nature


Cathy came across an article in the Indianapolis Star that featured youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in our city. The column, written by Gregg Doyel, shared how Outreach was one of the few service providers caring for one of Indy’s most vulnerable populations. Cathy was dismayed to read that youth and young adults are experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis and started thinking about ways that she might be able to help.

Her journey with Outreach began as a first-time donor. Subsequently, after being welcomed to the Outreach family, she learned more about the ministry and about additional ways in which she could get involved.

Cathy has been a longtime volunteer at the Indianapolis Zoo, so volunteering and championing important causes is nothing new to her. Cathy quickly embraced the mission of Outreach and tapped into her experience serving at the zoo to bless the Outreach youth and young adults. Now that the zoo is 100% open and larger groups are welcome, Cathy hopes to bring some of the youth and young adults to the Indianapolis Zoo for free visits. We are so grateful for Cathy and her commitment to inspire people to care for our world including the youth and young adults at Outreach!

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