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December 8th – Shenequa


Shenequa first came to Outreach in 2019 after moving to Indianapolis from out of state. She got connected with Outreach because she wanted to know more resources in the community to support her and get guidance on becoming independent. As she continued to work with Outreach, she connected with more and more people, which led her to trusting others and becoming more personable. She has been able to use the life skills she learned from Outreach to remain stable, living in her apartment and working a job she loves!

Shenequa remains positive, and this positivity she has and receives from others gives her the motivation to keep moving forward. "Outreach is my family to me. I can come here, and I've found a place with people that I can trust. I know when I come here, there will be no judgement." - Shenequa

Shenequa has found HOPE, family, and community at Outreach. Give the gift of HOPE today and become a monthly Faith, Hope, or Love partner or give a one-time financial gift; a donor is matching the first $100,000 of one-time donations, so you can double your impact! Visit our website to learn more and to give a gift today. Thank you for supporting Outreach and giving the gift of HOPE to vulnerable youth in Indianapolis.

Proverbs 23:18 NIV

There is surely a future HOPE for you, and your HOPE will not be cut off.

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