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December 25th - Christmas Day


One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was coming downstairs every morning in December and reaching into the numbered pocket of our advent calendar, pulling out a handcrafted ornament and placing it onto the advent calendar. Twenty-four numbered pockets. Twenty-four ornaments. The entire hanging contraption even without the ornaments was probably tens of hours of work for my grandmother. But when I study those ornaments, I see how much time it would have taken to make each one. I see the care that went into each stitch. Each one is unique. Each one special in its own way.

These stories of Hope for Outreach have all been unique. Each one special in its own way. And each day, we’ve gotten to reach into our “pocket” on our phone or computer and pull out an ornamental story that was handcrafted by the Maker. We have gotten to see just how deliberate the Artist was stitching things together just the way He wanted them. What a joy to share these stories with you and to celebrate 25 days of Hope and 25 years of helping to bring Hope to homeless youth and young adults.

On this Christmas day, we celebrate the coming of the one true Hope, that is Jesus.

Merry Christmas to all, from all of us at Outreach!

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