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December 24th - Christmas Eve, Jason’s letter


On this Christmas Eve, we wanted to share a special story of HOPE from Jason Chenoweth, who led Outreach these last three years. Jason passed away on Thanksgiving this year, but the HOPE that he has called all of us into will live on in the hearts of the Outreach team for years to come. Below is an excerpt from his message to those who gathered at Outreach's 25th anniversary celebration on November 4th.

"When I have thought about Outreach's 25th Celebration over the last couple of years, I consistently remember the dozens of miracle stories people have shared with me. And I am always aware that my expansive list is just the tip of the iceberg of what God has been up to at Outreach. From that first miracle of Eric obediently going out and caring for those first young people, to the volunteers who have showed up from all directions with just the right skill at just the right time. When you consider all the companies whose people have invested time and finances, as well as the thousands of individuals who have sacrificed at mind-blowing levels as well, it is both overwhelming and beautiful.

But the biggest miracles are by far each individual youth who decided to trust us and open up their hearts to this Outreach team. The courage, fortitude, and drive that it takes is difficult to put into words. Each youth is a walking, breathing miracle.

This one thing remains true at Outreach, since 1996. Outreach is able to love and serve at a higher level when we do it together. If we commit together to pray for the youth, pray for wisdom, and pray for direction, then that wisdom will be given to us. If we approach together how to build the next version of Outreach as one combined team of youth, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and donors, we will succeed.

You, together, are the ones who will solve the problems, find the resources, encourage one another, and celebrate together. You are the miracle stories waiting to happen. Please step into this magical, beautiful, life-changing opportunity that sits before you. I promise, from experience, it is worth whatever it may cost you."

Thank you to all of you who have already stepped into the stories of HOPE at Outreach. If you want to know more about opportunities to volunteer or how you can support the work of Outreach by donating, visit

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