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December 23rd - Zach, PVT. Glass


Zach, PVT. Glass, first came to Outreach in September, but his journey started long before then. Zach has experienced abuse and trauma throughout his life, and at the age of 18, he was left homeless after his adopted family kicked him out of the home. From there, he went from state to state, couch to couch, shelter to shelter, just to find a place where he could be supported, loved, and seen.

This year, in July, Zach made a big decision and enlisted in the Army as this has been his dream since he was 7 years old. Not knowing what next steps he would need to take until he went to basic training, Zach found his way to Outreach. During his time with Outreach, Zach obtained his birth certificate and other needed documents, and he expressed he has felt the most love, care, and support he has ever had in his life. Even though Zach faced hardships, these were the experiences and emotions that gave him the motivation to keep moving forward. He looks forward to what's to come as in his role as PVT. Glass and leaving in January for training!

Zach has shown to be resilient and motivated to continue to move forward and achieve his goals. This HOPE he has found will continue to push him forward as he goes into the Army. Today, come alongside youth and young adults like Zach and give the gift of HOPE. Become a monthly Faith, Hope, or Love partner or give a one-time financial gift; there are only a few days left for your donation to be matched, so double your impact today!

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