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December 16th - Brittany Bayles


Brittany's first experience volunteering at Outreach was helping serve during our Thanksgiving Celebration last month, and she had the opportunity to connect with some of our youth and young adults. Brittany reflects on one special interaction she had while volunteering:

"During one of the slow points, I spoke to a young woman who is 23 years old and was recently incarcerated. Wow, what a story. She was a ward of the state, a teen mom, and then went on to be incarcerated for 3 years. Although all that sounds like a sad story, she showed so much resilience and HOPE in what the future holds for her. She kept saying that she learned so much from her time in jail and, she has found so many great resources and a team to support her at Outreach. Before I left, I reminded her that her story is not over because those choices she made, were merely a speed bump for what the future holds."

Just in one occurrence, in being present at the program center, Brittany experienced how our youth and young adults are finding HOPE at Outreach. Today, you can give the gift of HOPE by becoming a monthly Faith, Hope, or Love partner or give a one-time financial gift. A generous donor is matching up too $100,000 of one-time donations, so this is a great way to double your impact. Thank you for supporting our mission and giving the gift of HOPE to youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis.


So the poor have HOPE, and injustice shuts its mouth. Job 5:16 NIV

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