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December 12th - Ms. Lynn Helene


I first got involved with Outreach as a volunteer about six years ago. I have led cooking classes and Spiritual Formation groups for our young people, and I now serve as Outreach's part-time Administrative Assistant. Regardless of the role I have served in, I have always been a Prayer Warrior. I've experienced so many inspiring stories at Outreach, but I see so much HOPE in our young people when they come to me and ask me to pray for things that are happening in their lives. In this, I've seen them continue to grow in their stature and self-confidence. I see HOPE in the lives of our young adults as they gradually grow into the Outreach family, and how they have come to regard God as something necessary in their lives.

Lynn Helene has seen so many hopeful experiences at Outreach since being involved, and with your financial support, we will continue to provide HOPE to vulnerable youth and young adults in Indianapolis. Give the gift of HOPE this year and join the Outreach family by becoming a monthly Faith, Hope, or Love partner or give a one-time gift. All one-time gifts will be matched up to $100,000, so double your impact today! Thank you for giving the gift of HOPE to vulnerable youth and young adults in Indianapolis.

Romans 12:12 NIV

Be joyful in HOPE, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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