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Crystal's Journey to HOPE

Crystal first came to Outreach back in 2017 when she was 20 years old and experiencing literal homelessness; at this time, she was staying in an emergency shelter. Crystal is a trans woman and was grateful that Outreach came alongside her in her transition to support, encourage, and connect her to the community partners to further expand her resources along the way. In addition, Outreach worked with her to connect her to different employment opportunities and housing partners to walk with her in her journey to stability and life transformation.

Crystal worked multiple jobs, making great money, and in 2019, she received a housing opportunity and has remained there in a stable environment. While she worked with our team over the years, she also developed friendships among other youth and young adults at Outreach. When reflecting on how Outreach has walked alongside her, she said, "I loved how Outreach helped me with changing me into a good person that can help others to be themselves and show their true colors."

Outreach's heartbeat is relational, and not only with our staff who walk alongside our young people, but it's also between the youth and young adults themselves. Working through the obstacles and hardships she faced alongside our team and connecting with other youth and young adults - these were all part of her journey to hope, and she continues to live out this hope to inspire others around her.

Today, you can be part of our youth & young adults' journey to hope by making a financial gift. We have set of goal of raising $325,000, and a generous donor is matching up to $100,000 in donations, so your gift will have double the impact.

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