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Cornerstone Lutheran Church's Journey with Outreach

Cornerstone Lutheran Church is a huge champion of Outreach. Every Monday, they open up their music room & gym for our young adults to have some creative and recreational time in their day. Not only do they do this, but they have financially supported Outreach; most recently, they were a sponsor for our Transform event in September. It's these things that help our youth and young adults on their own journey to HOPE!

Watch the video and hear from Jason Taber, Cornerstone Lutheran Church's Pastor of Outreach. Jason is present every Monday when our youth & young adults are at Cornerstone to walk alongside them and help them explore different outlets. The relationships he builds among our young people is such an important part of their journeys to HOPE. Today, you can be part of our youth and young adults’ journeys by giving a financial gift towards our goal of raising $325,000 during our Journey to HOPE campaign. Thanks to a generous donor, we have a $100,000 match, so your gift will have double the impact. Thank you for coming alongside and being part of A Journey to HOPE.

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