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Angela & Lewis' Journey with Outreach

"I was led to Outreach after learning about their mission and the hope that they provide to those they serve. Having a heart for young people, I have been involved with other vulnerable youth organizations and knew that it was time to get involved with Outreach. My own journey of HOPE inspired me to come alongside to help further this mission by initially donating various items that were needed. I knew the importance of the young adults having access to basic necessities, some of which we take for granted, was important for them to build confidence and stability. Every time I visited the center, I knew that I wanted to do more. My husband, Lewis, and I became monthly donors, and for the past few years, I've also hosted Facebook birthday fundraisers to help raise funds for Outreach. This year, as I began to think about how to celebrate my 50th birthday, God laid it on my heart to host a fundraiser for Outreach. I'll be honest, at first, I had no idea what I would do or even how I would pull this off, but we know that God is powerful and if he gives the vision, he will make it come into fruition. After months of planning, and the support of so many others, Lewis and I were able to host Angela's 50th birthday picnic in the park fundraiser for Outreach on July 10, 2022. God showed out and blessed Outreach as well as all those who were in attendance and all glory goes to him. It was an honor and am grateful that God continues to use me to bless others.

You too can come alongside Outreach to support the youth and young adults' journey to hope. There are so many ways to be impactful to Outreach, by volunteering, donation of goods and services, and monetary donations. Pray and ask God how you can help the mission of Outreach by equipping and empowering homeless teens and young adults to achieve stability and life transformation. Will you join us on this journey of HOPE?" - Angela & Lewis, Outreach Donors

Join Angela & Lewis on A Journey to HOPE by giving a financial gift towards our goal of raising $325,000. We have a $100,000 match, so your gift will have double the impact! Visit our website to give a gift today.

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