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All Thanks to Our Faithful Community

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to change, we realize that the year will soon come to a close, and we are reminded of all that has happened this year.

Up through September, this year we celebrate:

  • 28 youth overcome great obstacles and graduate from high school

  • 425 youth and young adults served

  • 7,739 hours of interaction

  • 89 youth and young adults provided with meals that were delivered twice weekly at the early onset of the pandemic

  • And SO much more

This October, we’ve seen individuals and groups come together to give financially and give their time to come alongside the youth and young adults at Outreach. Here’s a look at what has been happening at Outreach in the month of October...

Impact Old Southside Center

We’ve had many more great nights at our satellite location (Impact Center South). While our

Volunteer Manager, Megan, and the volunteer staff held down the program center with a cookout and fellowship, our Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Coach, Devin, and a few others hit the streets! For the last month and a half, our YYA Coaches and volunteer staff have met over 20 youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in camps and on the streets. Five of the young adults we encountered on the streets have shown up at one of our program centers. The real success has been in meeting all of the young adults and planting a seed of hope.

EnVista’s Gift

Earlier this month, the leading global software solutions and consulting services firm,

EnVista, brought a total of 50 hygiene bags for the youth and young adults! Every hygiene bag was full of items such as deodorant, socks, and snacks. We are incredibly thankful for community partners that are committed to coming alongside the youth and young adults with us!

Fresh Cuts for the Youth

We love our volunteers, not only for their hearts and their generosity, but also for the

creative ways in which they help provide for the youth! A few weeks ago, licensed barbers, Phillip and his fiancé Michelle, came in and were able to cut the hair of 7 youth and they plan to come once a month. Phillip and Michelle are examples of people that use their skills to help others, and we are so thankful for them!

Post Road Christian Church Partnership

We are so grateful for our church partners and the ways they inspire members of their

congregation to share in the hope at Outreach. This year, for our Apartment Kit Drive, Post Road Christian Church provided a huge donation! With the resources we received, we made baskets for our youth as they move into their own places and need cleaning supplies, pillows, and a laundry basket. Thank you, Post Road Christian Church, for your partnership with Outreach!

Big Things Ahead

Outreach has overcome many obstacles this year so far, and we couldn’t be more

grateful to our community of faithful volunteers, donors, church partners, and more. As we look forward to the month of November, we are HOPING that you will keep your eyes on our website and social media pages to hear the amazing stories of the Outreach community, how they have found hope while serving at Outreach, and how YOU can share in the hope we have at Outreach.

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