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A Bottle of Water and a Peanut Butter Sandwich


WISH-TV/8 viewers recently learned much about our Outreach ministry during a segment on the station’s “Indy Style” program. Segment guests representing Outreach described the beginnings of our services to youth and young people experiencing homelessness, recounted our growth during the past 25 years, and celebrated reaching this anniversary milestone!

Anthony Dumas, Outreach Director of Young Adult Services, shared some early history - including how we grew from founder Eric Howard making the rounds among Broad Ripple Village “bridge kids,” and distributing those aforementioned bottles of water and sandwiches to youth in need. Now, we offer myriad programs that assist youth in achieving stability and life transformation - hope and help - from our 14,000 square foot headquarters on Indianapolis’ near east side. “We love doing what we get to do,” Anthony said.

Joining Anthony for the “Indy Style” segment was Diamond Bradford, a young woman who not only has benefitted from Outreach assistance, but now is a mentor to others in the program. After six years of association with our organization, she says it’s “like a family to me.”

The WISH-TV/8 segment can be viewed here - please take a couple of minutes to watch:

Who could have imagined that from such humble origins a ministry of this size and scope would grow? The needs continue throughout our community - we’ve worked with over 4200 youth and young adults during the past quarter-century, over 400 this year alone. With the help of our sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and staff, we look forward to the honor of addressing those needs for the next 25 years and beyond!

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