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Seven teams entered 2019’s Outreach Bowl on Wednesday night at Sun King Fishers. One team would walk away claiming victory and taking home the coveted Outreach Bowl trophy.

Outreach Bowl Trophy_edited.jpg

The prize.

Although the evening's victor seemed predictable from kickoff, Outreach Bowl VI proved to be a true Cinderella story for the newcomers and underdogs. All in all, every team fought hard and left it all on the field. We’re very proud of each team and thankful for their support.


  • We want to congratulate the Scrummy Ladies for taking home the trophy,

  • Team East and Team Onyx for raising the most money with their Cheer Squads,

  • The Indestructibles for getting 100% on the Football Hero movie challenge,

  • Team Freije-RSC for bringing the MVMDs (Most Valuable Monthly Donors) of the night,

  • Team Recon for being one of the few teams that can claim American citizenship,

  • And the Whiz Kidz for being true trivia wizards.

Outreach Bowl 2019.jpg

The playing field.

At the end of the night, seven incredible teams, their Cheer Squads, and our friends at enVista raised a total of


Which means we're able to provide homeless young people in Indianapolis an extra:

2,000 meals

1,000 showers

1,000 loads of laundry

103 hours of interaction

Thank you to all participants and everyone involved in making 2019's Outreach Bowl a success!

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