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"I'm doing good."

If you've ever been curious about the general work and interactions our case managers have with homeless young people, you need look no further than the following email from one of our GOAL (Graduation, Occupation, Address, Lifestyle) Case Managers who work daily with homeless teens in Indianapolis high schools.

Good Morning Outreach Staff,

I’ve had the privilege of working with a young man since August of 2018. He was referred because he was couch surfing and his two best friends had died in separate incidents in a two-month span.

Over the last 8 months or so, we have had dozens of conversations, mostly centered on his deep depression and his feelings of not wanting to live anymore. I have never seen him smile or laugh, even with my best attempts. But through months of meeting, incredible support by his social worker and school liaison, two different support and therapy groups, along with medication, and opportunities his school has afforded him - even though falling behind - I have seen slow progress the last two months which culminated last week.

On our IUPUI visit, this young man openly smiled, laughed, cracked jokes and told stories. I asked him how he was doing, and he said, “I’m doing good.” I had never heard him answer that question in that way before. I have seen how an entire community and its resources have come together to support this young man, and it’s been incredible to see the success.

Please keep this young man in your prayers as he continues to fight an uphill battle. And thank you for being part of the village that gives hope to young people.



Kyle Williams

GOAL Case Manager

Stories like Kyle's are what keep us going as an organization. We are extremely proud of the dedication each case manager has for the young people they work with. And thanks to your ongoing support, we're able to encourage and sustain hope for homeless young people every day.

As many of our young people get ready to graduate from high school next month, we ask that you keep them and their case managers in your prayers, and please consider donating to continue sustaining the mission of our GOAL Program.

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