Set our young people up for success.

Last year, your generosity and support led to providing laptops to 44 homeless young people who graduated high school. This year, we have 48 young people (Outreach's largest GOAL class in history) who are graduating high school, obtaining their HSE/GED, completing Job Corps, or graduating college.

Our goal this year is to provide our young people with the tools and resources they need to be set up for success.


Help us meet our goal of $15,000.

$400 =

Laptop Icon_2x.png

Give a graduate a new laptop for $400

$30 =

Backpack Icon_2x.png

Give a graduate a new backpack for $30

$25 =

Gift Card Icon_2x.png

Give a graduate a $25 gift card for food or gas

Audited Financial Statements available upon request.