Outreach and COVID-19

Though the availability of our program center has become very limited, the Outreach team is hard at work. Between our day-to-day admin tasks, to preparing bags of resources for our youth, we are finding new and creative ways to continue serving!

In these troubling times, we are still serving our youth by allowing them to stop by the program center and by delivering food, clothes, and hygiene supplies to them around the city. These are just two ways we continue to help the homeless youth. In this season, we are giving away many of our resources. To help us, there are 3 things you can do:


Please pray for our staff, and pray that the youth have the resources they need and have safe places to be.


Donate food, clothes, or other resources listed on our greatest needs list. Also, check out our amazon list to buy resources and have them shipped to Outreach.


At Outreach, we are distributing a ton of resources to help our youth. By giving financially to Outreach, whether it be $25, $50, $100, $200, or some other amount, you will help provide additional resources to homeless youth.

Stay updated on Outreach

during the spread of COVID-19

Check out our latest blogs to stay updated on how Outreach is navigating and adapting to changes related to COVID-19 in order to continue serving our youth.


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