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Outreach and COVID-19

As we continue to learn and work to serve in a world deeply impacted by COVID -19, Outreach is committed to the following values:

  1. Safety – We prioritize the safety of our youth, staff, volunteers, and community at the highest levels.  We are following the CDC’s guidelines daily as well as those of Marion County.  We will continue to ensure our building is as clean as possible, and that we do all within our power to protect those who are a part of Outreach.

  2. Serving – Our staff and volunteers continue to work with ARCH youth and with those who come to our Program Center each day.  Whenever we find one method of serving no longer available to us, we improvise and find creative solutions to continue to meet the needs before us.  We are serving in new ways we haven’t before and will continue to see obstacles as opportunities.

  3. Forward focus – We know that while things may change daily, and how we serve is constantly transformed, we must move forward.  There are more youth than ever who are facing life predominantly on their own in Central Indiana.  We can’t simply maintain what was.  Our mission calls us to move daily towards what is next.  We are committed to this hard work.

How can you help us live out these values?  There are three simple steps:


Please pray for our staff, and pray that the youth have the resources they need and have safe places to be. To learn more about specific needs you can be praying for each week, sign up for our prayer partner news email.

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At Outreach, we are distributing a ton of resources to help our youth. By giving financially to Outreach, whether it be $25, $50, $100, $200, or some other amount, you will help provide additional resources to  youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.


Donate food, clothes, or other resources listed on our greatest needs list. Also, check out our amazon list to buy resources and have them shipped to Outreach. 

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Stay updated on Outreach
during the spread of COVID-19

Check out our latest blogs to stay updated on how Outreach is navigating and adapting to changes related to COVID-19 in order to continue serving our youth and young adults.

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