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Let’s celebrate our 2022 graduates!

This year, we are celebrating 18 agile, determined, adaptable, and resilient individuals. Each one of our graduates persevered through the adversity of housing instability and met the rigorous requirements for graduation. Join us in celebrating their achievements in-person at the Indians Game on June 10th as Outreach will be an honorary organization that evening!

The Indianapolis Indians Charities are proud supporters of Outreach graduates and are generously providing graduates backpacks, gift cards, and support for their future success!  

You too, can celebrate our graduates by sending in $25 gift cards by June 1st for:  

These can be sent to Outreach’s Program Center at 2416 E New York St. with ATTN: Lydia Speler.

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ARCH Update Announcement

Outreach, Inc. has partnered with schools in a variety of ways to equip and empower high school students experiencing housing instability and homelessness for nearly 20 years. Most recently, Outreach, Inc. has partnered with schools through its A.R.C.H. programming (formerly known as G.O.A.L.). Outreach’s A.R.C.H. programming provides Advocacy, Relationship building, and Coaching for life transitions within Indianapolis High schools. We have walked alongside many young people through this program as they have navigated the adult world prior to coming of age.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, organizational restructure, and the desire to live out our mission well, Outreach, Inc. will not be providing A.R.C.H. programming in the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. While we are saddened that this leg in our journey is coming to an end, we are excited and hopeful that our next leg will better equip and empower Indianapolis young people experiencing housing instability to achieve stability and life transformation.

Thank you for supporting our 2022 graduates! If you have any questions about graduation or other items you would like to gift our seniors, please reach out to Lydia Speler, Director of Youth Services, at (317) 662 – 4602 (cell) or by email at 

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