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This year, an estimated 7,800 youth and young adults in Indianapolis will experience homelessness. Seven thousand, eight hundred. This number represents the lives of young people, each with a story, a dream, and the potential to thrive if given the opportunity.


This giving season, you can join the vision to end youth homelessness. Give a gift today to start paving the pathway out of homelessness for these worthy and deserving youth.



To donate non-cash gifts, such as personal property, stocks, or mutual funds, please click here.  Follow the steps, complete the fillable form for transfer and submit to the National Christian Foundation per the instructions.   


If you have questions or need assistance please contact Kevin Robb, Chief Development Officer, at or via phone 317-692-9676.

Audited financial statements available upon request.


youths seen


hours spent in relationship with YOUTH


meals provided


Total relational guidance interactions

(1:1 time spent with staff, volunteers

& peer groups)


showers taken


times laundry services accessed

(All data captured is year-to-date through October 30, 2023.)

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